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As we welcome Springs’s arrival, we may also encounter plumbing problems that are the direct aftermath of Winter. When the water in pipes freezes, it expands and increases the water pressure, eventually making the piping contract and crack or burst. Older pipes and outdoor plumbing are particularly prone to this.

Leaking Pipes

Water damage – peeling paint or warping wood on your floors and drywall, is likely caused by leaky pipes that have cracked or burst during Winter. Leaks from cracked or burst pipes can go undetected for a while, especially inside the wall. The problem arises in spring when the temperatures get warm and the water thaws. Watch out for dripping or standing water, musty smell, or stains in the wall of the affected area.

Damaged Outdoor Plumbing

water leakDid you winterize your outdoor plumbing? If not, a cracked hose bib or a burst outdoor pipe may be in your future, along with spring temperatures. Look for puddles and dripping water or a sudden increase in your water bill.

If you experience a pipe leak from a damaged outdoor pipe, shut off the water supply for that pipe immediately to prevent damage and water waste.

Low Water Pressure

Aside from a potential pipe leak, low water pressure can also be linked to the pipe’s age, corrosion, and mineral deposits from hard water. It’s also possible your neighborhood has a widespread water supply issue or your shutoff valve isn’t fully open.

First, verify with neighbors or your town if we are experiencing low water pressure. It’s likely a problem with your water supply. Check your home’s main water valve to ensure it is fully open. If the problem persists, give us a call.

Sump Pump Malfunctions

Faulty sump pumpA majority of sump pump malfunctions are usually from poor maintenance. These mechanical devices are prone to issues developing over time, especially if they are on the less expensive end, installed incorrectly, or not adequately maintained.

This can become highly problematic during the spring season. Any frozen groundwater can fill up your sump pit as the temperature warms. Without a well-functioning sump pump, the water won’t be able to exec out through the discharge line. When this occurs, your sump pump can be overwhelmed or improperly operated, causing a wet or flooded basement and potentially expensive damage

To prevent sump pump problems, ensure proper care and maintenance. If you detect a problem, refrain from disassembling the sump pump, as damage may occur (or void the warranty).

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