watering flower garden

As spring slowly appears, we start to shift our attention from indoor home projects to the great outdoors. The outdoor faucet becomes a much-needed tool for power washing, planting, and keeping our grass green. However, many of us overlook the proper care and maintenance needed during the winter shutdown.

Here are simple steps to ensure the first time you use your outdoor faucet, it works smoothly:

Step 1

If water was turned off to your outdoor faucet to prevent winter freezing, make sure you turn the water supply back on before attempting to turn the outside faucet on. If you turn the water on at the valve and notice any water, it is important to find where it is coming from and fix it before going any further.
If you cannot locate the issue, please call us to check and repair any leaks.

Step 2

It is also essential to check for leaks within your home after you have turned the water supply back on. It is much more likely to notice a leak after water flows again. This will ensure no pipes have cracked during the freezing temperatures of winter.
Should you notice a crack or minor leak in any pipe joints, please call us to prevent a small leak from turning into a burst pipe!

Step 3

Check the outdoor faucet once the water runs for any spray or slow drips. If they continue through the summer, you will have a wet mess, and the extra moisture around the foundation can lead to interior and exterior damage.
If the spray or drip continues, you will want our plumbers to repair or replace your faucet.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on maintaining your home’s plumbing systems.

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