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It’s that time of year again for your heating system’s annual tune-up. Whether you have a boiler or a furnace, throughout the year elements such as dirt and dust accumulate in your heating components, and, over time, this buildup can lead to inefficient energy output and even cause a higher utility bill. Like anything else in life, the best way to ensure long-lasting efficiency from your equipment is to take care of it regularly with the help of a professional technician.

What is a boiler or furnace tune-up exactly?

If you are a new homeowner or are unfamiliar with the process, a tune-up is a relatively simple maintenance inspection, which includes: 

  • Clean out any grime, dirt, and dust from your heating system
  • Check for any leaks or breaches in the system
  • Ensure all safety components are secure and working properly
  • Analyze electrical connections and motors for efficient operation
  • Check ducts and vents for leaks or blockages
  • Replace air filter(s) and test for proper air flow
  • Analyze any above-ground components

Our technician may provide other tests and observations, but the above elements will be done to ensure a proper tune-up is conducted.

What are the benefits of a tune-up?

Just like taking care of your car, your home’s hardware needs to have regular maintenance and upkeep to perform at its best levels for several years. Even after just one year of use, you’d be surprised at the drop in power and efficiency your system may endure.

Naturally, the first benefit that may come to your mind is the savings you’ll have on your utility bill, and you’re right! Keeping your heating system in top shape will maintain peak efficiency and keep your costs as low as possible, which makes a huge difference over time.

Next, which is worse: having to devote 1 – 2 hours a year for a technician to tune up your heating system or having to pay for the entire system to be replaced because it broke down? Safe to say, we’d all rather go with option number one. Avoid the stress, hassle, and enormous cost by setting aside a couple hours every 365 days and have a professional check it out.

When should I have my boiler or furnace tuned up?

We recommend having your tune-up annually and at around the same time. You should schedule the tune-up any time between April and August.

During these warm months, your heating system will have completed its cycle of heavy use from the winter. By having any upkeep and maintenance performed during this time, you’re allowing for any possible issues to be resolved before you really need your heating system again for the cold months.

It should also be mentioned that scheduling a tune-up during these months will be much easier since you’re beating the rush that usually comes in September and October!

Winter is coming fast. If you’ve been thinking about having your boiler or furnace tuned up in time for the cold weather, please take the time now to contact us. Our team members are excited to help you get ready!