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Corporate Mechanical of New England, along with several other energy and utility service providers, are teaming together with Mass Save to bring you savings. We all share the common goal to help residents and businesses across Massachusetts save your hard-earned money, conserve precious energy, and lead our state to a future that is both clean and energy efficient. That goal is one step closer to being attained. 

What exactly is Mass Save?

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Mass Save is an initiative that is supported by Massachusetts’ energy utilities, natural gas, and energy efficiency providers. These providers work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide you with a wide variety of services, incentives, information, and even training. All of these elements help the state’s residents and businesses manage your energy use and save on costs.

What is available to my home or business?

Mass Save and Corporate Mechanical want to provide you with services that will make your home use cleaner energy and leave more funds in your bank account. This means there are several opportunities available to you like the following:


  • Rebates and incentives for using energy-efficient systems and appliances
  • No-cost energy assessments that shows how you can save money and remain comfortable
  • Income eligible programs


  • Rebates and incentives for high-efficiency equipment
  • Money-saving solutions for construction/renovation projects
  • Energy assessments and equipment optimization

What has been accomplished so far?

Through the efforts of providers, Mass Save, and people like you, enough electricity has been saved to power over 630,000 homes. Enough gas has been saved to heat over 97,000 homes. Carbon dioxide emissions–enough to equal 500,000 cars’ worth– have been reduced. And countless homes and businesses have been provided with over 44,000,000 LED lightbulbs.In the next year, thousands more homes will be provided with efficient equipment, cost-saving strategies, and cleaner energy.

If you have been thinking about making your home or business more energy efficient, contact us today. Our team specialists will happily speak with you and show you how you can gain significant savings on your energy bills.